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I currently live in Sioux Falls, SD with
my husband Randy and our 13 year
old son, Jon. We have been married
for 21 years. We have 2 whippets,
Anastasia and Madeline, and 3
bunnies. We just purchased a brand
new house in Sioux Falls and lately
have been spending a lot of time
buying things for our new home. When
I am not busy with housework, the kid,
dogs, bunnies, or playing with clay,
I am usually on the computer.

I have been doing Polymer Clay since 1999, and have been selling my canework on eBay for over 4 years. In addition to canework I also have written a guide on cane reduction to go along with a set of useful tools. I also have made many nail files and barrettes.

Last summer I had the chance to attend the Ravensdale conference and take some exciting classes (see pics). I met a lot of great people who I hope to see again at the next one!

I turned 40 last september and celebrated in Las Vegas with my husband Randy. We had an 8lb lobster at the Rosewood. YUM! I highly recommend going there if you get the chance!

I finally have my own estore up and running! Items are usually made available in my eStore at least a week before they hit eBay, allowing my regular customers the first chance to purchase my items. Email me if you are interested in being added to my weekly mailing list, which will include photos of my newest items.
Projects i have done with the Mokume Gane techniques I learned in Barbara McGuire's class at Ravensdale
This is the dragon I made during Ravensdale in Kathy Davis class. Isn't he cute?
My favorite class at Ravensdale was Celtic Canes, given by Sarah Shriver. Look out eBay, here comes some more canes!
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