Polymer Clay Mixing Guide for Kato Polyclay

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This color mixing kit is perfect for any skill level.

The ring is similar to what many artists have made for themselves, taking hours and sometimes days worth of work to create. Now you can have the same tool without wasting hours of time that you could be using to make beautiful projects!

Watch for more color mixing guides in the near future, including the Kato Pearls kit coming soon!
Introducing my newest Polymer Clay Guide, "Polymer Clay Mixing Guide for Kato Polyclay"

This Guide will walk you through the color mixing process, step by step, and includes a ring of samples of the 110 recipe colors included in this guide. These recipes range from simple to complex, mixing several colors instead of just 2 to achieve the right shade.

This unique tool will make it easy to find just the right shade for your projects.

You will also receive 3 square cutters to use when measuring out how much clay you will need.
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